Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Virtual Lodge

Welcome to Costanoan Territory and the Virtual Lodge

Please enjoy a hunting song with clappersticks. Click on the graphic to the right, a stylized Salinan rock painting. This rendered image model is based upon Costanoan roundhouses deep in the Mt. Hamilton Range, some of which measure 90 feet (27 m) across.

Click here to visit our pages on real roundhouses and also see the roundhouse of the (Esselen Tribe of Carmel Valley) Thanks to Tom Nason and the Esselen for the photos of their roundhouse.

Interested in visiting or helping our work at Indian Canyon? if you would like to help set up our office or work on many projects in the canyon. We welcome field trip visits and of course donations of time, funds and support are always welcome (contact us via email on our home page)

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