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The Roundhouses of the California Indians...Text, Graphics, Diagrams and Commentary

From "Native American Architecture" (1)

Today in Costanoan Territory, Roundhouses and the CommunityAt Indian canyon we hope to begin construct a 52 foot diameter subterranean roundhouse. Donations to this effort are very welcome. Contact us.

(Thanks to Michele Lord for scanning support.)

(360k .gif) Click the image to see a large photo of the prepared site for the Indian Canyon Roundhouse, or Tupenta-ruk.

Elena Sayers' home was originally located on the same site until it burned down in 1976. In a short video clip, the pit is seen.

Esselen leader Tom Nason generously lets us share photos of the Roundhouse and Conference Grounds in the Santa Lucia mountains. A view of the center posts and smokehole.
esselen arbor icon
Walk down from the West into the entry. (113k .gif)   A new Arbor, or Ramada in June, 1996. (95k .gif)


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(1) Nabokov, Peter, and Robert Easton. Native American Architecture. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989.

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