California Indians in Humboldt County, California



The Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource

Imported from a Filemaker Database which is about 1/2 complete (so the final Humboldt County page will be about twice the size you find it now!). This 2 year old project is getting to the point where we will have the complete 1928 California Indian Census online for you. At this point, May 4 1998, we sorted the database by county and last name. If you are searching for your family here, scroll down until you find the last name. The BIA number in the last column will help you get a copy of the INDIVIDUAL ORIGINAL INTERVIEW from the BIA.
Kane Lena and four children Hoopa 4206
Kane Henry and two children Hoopa 4297
Keisner George and two children Beatrice 4419
Keisner Eunice
Beatrice 4422
Keisner Esther and six children Beatrice 4426
Kerney Nancy
Orleans 4063
Killingsworth Clarence
Honneydew 3946
Killingsworth Eva Landergen
Honneydew 3947
Kimeche Mollie
Weitchpec 4353
Knudsen Edwin E.
Orleans 3387
Knudsen Juanita M.
Orleans 3388
Lack Berryman, Jr.
Scotia 813
Lack Fannie
Hoopa 821
Lack Hiram and three children Hoopa 4262
Lack Ella
Hoopa 4263
Lack Barryman, Sr.
Hoopa 4322
Lamberson Mary
Orleans 4331
Lanctot Jessie
PO Box 386, Arcata 4164
Landergen Rosa and two children Honneydew 3945
Landi Emily and four children Weitchpec 1000
Latham George
Hoopa 829
Latham Ida
526 Summer Street. , Eureka 4166
Latham Wesley and one child Crannell 4351
Leech Annie and one child Willow Creek 840
Leighton Susie
3493 H Street, Eureka 4435
LeMar Sarah Wilburn and one child Blue Lake 3866
Lewis Jane
Weitchpec 963
Lewis Manuel and five children Weitchpec 964
Lewis Joseph Sr and two children and one grandchild Weitchpec 4131
Lewis Ida
Weitchpec 4132
Lewis William, Jr.
Hoopa 4195
Lewis Andrew J., Sr. and three children Weitchpec 4316
Lewis Rose
Weitchpec 4317
Lewis Arthur
Weitchpec 4361
Lewis Francis and two children Weitchpec 4385
Little William and one child Hoopa 4242
Little Susie
Hoopa 4243
Lovell Ruth
3357 Summer St. Eureka 4454
Lovern Lucinda
430 B Street, Eureka 4416
Luddington Emma and three children Weitchpec 4252
Lyons Mary A
Box 292, Arcata 4032
Lyons Sherman
Box 292, Arcata 4033
Mack Nan
Weitchpec 973
Mack Weitchpec
Weitchpec 972
Maddux Phoebe and two children Orleans 3351
Marchall Ernest and one child Weitchpec 4383
Markussen Lottie and one child Weitchpec 930
Markussen Albert and three children Weitchpec 929
Marshall Evelyn H.
Hoopa 910
Marshall James, Jr. and five children Hoopa 907
Marshall Lizzie
Hoopa 908
Marshall James, Sr. and two children Hoopa 898
Marshall Julius and two children Hoopa 909
Marshall Mahlon and three children Hoopa 912
Marshall Matilda
Hoopa 848
Marshall Mary
Hoopa 899
Marshall Edward and four children Hoopa 847
Marshall Pauline Smalley
Garberville 3926
Marshall Mae Lehman
Weitchpec 4384
Marshall Imogene
Orick 4414
Martin Jennie and three children Orleans 4060
Mason Dart
Briceland 3893
Masten David and nine children Hoopa 827
Masten Nellie
Weitchpec 958
Masten Nancy A.
Weitchpec 986
Masten Ada Baldwin
Hoopa 828
Masten Cooper and three children Weitchpec 957
Masten Henry and one child Weitchpec 991
Masten Bunita
Weitchpec 992
Masten Jimmie
Weitchpec 993
Matilton Louis, Sr., and four children Hoopa 4183
Matilton Jennie
Hoopa 4184
Matilton Sanday
Hoopa 4187
Matilton Ella and five children Hoopa 4188
Matilton Maggie
Hoopa 4225
Matilton John and one child Hoopa 4326
Matilton Theresa
Hoopa 4397
McCallum George H.
Box 81, Crannell 4318
McCann Cynthia A.
1911 17th St. Eureka. 4442
McCarthy Lawrence
Trinidad 4889
McCarty Louis and four children Hoopa 4181
McClellan Mamie
Hoopa 4069
McClellan Peter
Hoopa 4070
McClellan Frank
Hoopa 4071
McClellan Henry and five children Hoopa 4285
McClellan Nancy
Hoopa 4286
McClellan Lewis R.
Hoopa 4301
McClellan Mary E.
25 West Washington St. Eureka. 4456
McCormick Agnes
Weitchpec 4448
McCoy Jennie and two children Box 534, Arcata 4436
McCoy Charels
Box 534 Arcata 4443
McDonald James and two children Trinidad 855
McDonald Laura
Trinidad 856
Mcguire Ray and two children Loleta 4444
McKinnon Neil and four children Weitchpec 4006
McKinnon Nettie
Weitchpec 4007
McKnight Jane Duncan and six children Eureka 3826
McLaughlin Elsie and four children Orleans 3405
McLaughlin Minerva and four children Eureka, also Orleans 3440
McNeal Louise and one child Orleans 3442
McNeal Emily and three children Orleans 4042
McNeill Mary
Willow Creek 4018
McNeill Minnie and one child Blue Lake 4139
McNeill Iles and four children Willow Creek 4140
McNeill Maude E. and two children Blue Lake 4292
Mesket Anderson
Hoopa 4325
Mesket Alice E.
1603 Union St. Eureka. 4457
Mesket (Mescat) Bessie
Hoopa 4298
Miguelena Eleanor
Hoopa 4232
Miller Ida Thurman and two children Weott 3903
Minard Lucinda and eight children Weitchpec 932
Mitchell Edward and four children Weitchpec 4365
Mitchell Theresa
Weitchpec 4367
Monhart Eliza
Weitchpec 920
Montgomery Albert
Hoopa 902
Montgomery Lucy
Trinidad 867
Montgomery John F and four children Orleans 4135
Montgomery Maggie
Orleans 4136
Montgomery James and one child Hoopa 4253
Montgomery Kate
Hoopa 4254
Montoya Lorencita
Hoopa 4400
Moon Myrtle
Hoopa 865
Moon Dora Todi and two children Hoopa 831
Moon Charles E. and one child Hoopa 866
MOON JAMES and three children BLUE LAKE 4498
Moore Gifford and one child Carson and Q Streets, Eureka 4433
Moranda Roser and three children Hotel Grand, Eureka 4423
Morrison Martha
Eureka 4464
Mosier Ernest A.
P.O. Box 84, Crannell 971
Mosier Lillian and two children P.O. Box 84, Crannell 970
Nancy Moreck
Weitchpec 4004
Ned Mae
2917 Albee Street, Eureka 4127
Ned Jerry
2917 Albee Street, Eureka 4128
Nelson Eveline
Orleans 4050
Nelson George, Sr. and seven children Hoopa 4293
Nelson Ada
Hoopa 4401
Newell Christine and two children 3336 California Street, Eureka 4336
Newell Fred
3336 California Street, Eureka 4337
Newman Bessie and two children 3493 H St., Eureka 983
Nix Libbie and seven children Weitchpec 922
Nix Albert S. and one child Weitchpec 923
Nix Alice M.
Weitchpec 4395
Nixon George, Sr. and five children Hoopa 4210
Nixon Eva
Hoopa 4211
Nixon Fannie
Hoopa 4212
Norman Annie
115 West Whipple Street, Eureka 4378
Norton Sherman and one child Hoopa 814
Norton Ella
Hoopa 815
Norton Nora
Hoopa 4207
Norton Willis, Jr and two children Hoopa 4222
Norton Eliza
Hoopa 4223
Norton Willie
Hoopa 4255
Norton Ptan
Hoopa 4256
Norton Edward
Arcata 4450
Novoa Helen and one child Weitchpec 4098
Orcutt Georgia H. and one child Orleans 942
Orcutt Ethel
425 L Street, Eureka 4047
Orcutt Lawrence Sr
Weitchpec 4057
Orcutt Alice M and one child Weitchpec 4058
Orcutt Herbert F., Sr. and three children Orleans 4150
Orcutt Laura Mae
Orleans 4151
Orcutt Lewis
430 B Street, Eureka 4417
Orcutt Fannie
29 Fifth Street, Eureka 4418
Oscar Weitchpec
Weitchpec 934
Oscar Jerry Sr and four children Blue Lake 4111
Oscar Ida and one child Blue Lake 4112
Ottley Thomas J. and six children Arcata Road, Eureka 4409
Page James
Briceland 3923
Page Bellie
Box 78, Crannel 4437
Parton Mamie and three children Trinidad 809
Peters Ewing
Weitchpec 974
Peters Jane and seven children Weitchpec 959
Peters Maggie
Weitchpec 911
Peters Florence
Weitchpec 975
Peters Florence and three children Orleans 4045
Pike Arthur
Willow Creek 4369
Pollock Susie Matlock and four children Briceland 3888
Pollock Cedric and one child Carlotta 3890
Pollock Jennie Luke and two children Carlotta 3891
Pratt Ed. and one child Hoopa 945
Pratt Nellie
Hoopa 946
Pratt Grace and six children Hoopa 4003
Pratt Wilson
Hoopa 4200
Pratt Robert
Hoopa 4234
Pratt Emmaline and one child Hoopa 4244
Pratt Asa
Hoopa 4315
Pratt Angelina
Hoopa 4396
Pratt Alexander
Hoopa 4398
Prigmore Matilda and two children Orleans 4044
Quick Everett G
Orleans 4012
Quimby William and two children Hoopa 903
Quimby Agnes
Hoopa 900
Quimby Elizabeth
Hoopa 904
Quimby Howard
HOOPA 4280
Quimby Ellen
HOOPA 4281
Quinn Irene and six children Orleans 3376
Quinn Martha and two children 112 Fifth St. Eureka. 4481
Rails Gladya M. and two children Salyer 4344
Ramazzinia Mary
Trinidad 868
Randall George and two children P.O. Box 86, Korbel 4327
Randall Pearl
P.O. Box 86, Korbel 4328
Reece Laura
Orleans 3441
Reece Frank and five children Orleans 4013
Reeves Minnie
Hoopa 4228
Rice Ada
Hoopa 4217
Richard Jay
Blue Lake 4382
Richard Sadie and one child Loleta 4462
Richards Linda and one child Weitchpec 968
Richardson Alice
Weitchpec 931
Riley Solinda
521 Summer Street, Eureka 4402
Riley Amos
Beatrice 4429
Risling David, Sr and eight children Hoopa 4219
Risling Geneva
Hoopa 4220
Roberts Bob
Weitchpec 954
Roberts Carrie
Orleans 988
Roberts Maggie
Weitchpec 955
Roberts James
Orleans 989
Robinson Josephine and four children Weitchpec 921
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