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Welcome to The Costanoan Media Gallery circa 1996 and later - these videos are short - produced under the bandwidth conditions existing then - like 28kbs, 36kbs and 56kbs - NO DSL, NO WIRELESS, NO ISDN, NO FIBRE OPTIC, NO EMBEDDED YOUTUBE... a 1.5 mb video file could take almost an hour to download!

These quicktime videos are among the first multimedia available on the internet... all are copyrighted by Russell Imrie, webmaster

These were selected, edited, and encoded by Russ Imrie in 1995 and 1996. Los Robin and Allan Lundell were (and are) video enthusiasts and filmed much of the material on this page as wel a smyself. In my final year as a Native American student at UCSC, the nascent web was just coming into being. I immediately saw the power Native Americans could avail themselves of by encapsulating them in a greater "package" - and launched this website. For the supposedly "extinct" Costanoans a whole new way to write their own history, free from the behaviors and agendas of non-native mythology, began then. Travels to visit friends around the state lets us share some video of tribes other than Costanoan/Ohlone.

Cheryl Seidner, Tribal Chair of Table Bluff Reservation near Eureka - Wiyot - this group suffered a depraved massacre by white men in 1863. More on this. , more to come...

Cheryl Seidner (Wiyot)

(1mb movie - 17 + seconds) Cheryl shares her work for healing through awareness of actual history in a clip from a video, 1996. 160x120 .mov with sound.

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