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Welcome to The Costanoan Media Gallery circa 1995

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These quicktime videos are among the first multimedia resources available on the internet...

These were selected, edited, and encoded by Russ Imrie in 1995 and 1996. Los Robin and Allan Lundell were (and are) video enthusiasts and filmed much of the material on this page. In my final year as a Native American student at UCSC, the nascent web was just coming into being. I immediately saw the power Native Americans could avail themselves of by presenting themselves in a greater "package" - and launched this web site. For the supposedly "extinct" Costanoans a whole new way to write their own history, free from the behaviors and agendas of non-native mythology, began then.

Ann Marie Sayers (Tribal Chair Indian Canyon), Patrick Orozco (Pajaro Valley Ohlone Society), Howard Harris (Born 1910 Howard was one of the most vital and active citizens of San Benito County), Rachael Hagar (neé Haugo), Sun Macnamee (Lundell's partner) and me, Russ Imrie (Kahnawake Mohawk). In 1995 (and still in 2009 it's about 40%) the majority of web users accessed via dial-up modem. I HAD to keep files sizes down by any means I could - by controlling size (these clips are 160x120 pixels), frame rate–usually about 10fps, and compression/quality to a minimum while keeping the content clear. At Indian canyon, just ONE of these videos might have taken an hour to download and 10 seconds to play! Things were a little faster in urban areas but this site was and is intended to be available in areas with slow internet access.

Ann Marie Sayers (Mutsun/Ohlone)

(660 k movie-7 seconds) Ann Marie Sayers noting that Costanoan people are alive in a clip from a video by Lois Robin. 160x120 .mov with sound.

(2.09 mb movie-25 seconds) Ann Marie Sayers speaking on the canyon and how it has nurtured the Mutsun and Ohlone people in an extremely hostile world over the years in a clip from a video by Lois Robin. 160x120 .mov with sound.
(1.9 mb movie-21 seconds) Ann Marie Sayers describes why Indians moved to the Missions in a clip from a video by Lois Robin. 160x120 .mov with sound.
(1.2 mb movie-19 seconds) Ann Marie Sayers discusses the past and future of stewardship for these falls in a clip from video by Allan Lundell. Taped at upper falls, June, 1995. 160x120 .mov with sound.
Patrick Orozco (Rumsen/Ohlone)

(2.3 mb movie-30 seconds) Watsonville Rumsen/Ohlone leader Patrick Orozco walks the Pajaro River in excerpts from "Patrick's River", a video by Lois Robin,1995 (copies available.) 160x120 .mov with sound. Orozco talks about the river and life long ago and shows it to you today as tractors tear the trees from the banks.

Rachael Haugo and Howard Harris

(1.2 mb movie-7 seconds) Friends of Indian Canyon UCSC Student Rachael Haugo and Hollister rancher Howard Harris surveying next to Elana Sayer's homesite, June 1995. The ceremonial house site is directly beyond them. 160x120 .mov with sound. Tape by Allan Lundell.

Russell Imrie and Sun MacNamee

(2.4 mb movie-17 seconds) Sun MacNamee and Allan lundell visited the canyon in June, 1995. Internet video enthusiast Allan brought his video camera and we share some of what they encountered that day. Sun and I are next to the office, overlooking the roundhouse site. On the far side is the entrance area which faces the East. The roundhouse will be 52 feet in diameter and accommodate very large groups of people. The site has been blessed by elders and we are getting the funds, etc. together - donations are welcome! 160x120 .mov with sound. Tape by Allan Lundell.

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