UPDATE 6/23/09 - WE ARE TRANSMUTATING TO A DYNAMIC CENSUS RESOURCE FORMAT...you can sstill access our very limited older versions

Russell, Wanted you to know that the number for National Archives of San
Bruno is (650-238-3501) and you talk to a John Hedger. And again thanks so
much for listing this information. I've told alot of people about your site.
Especially historial and genealogy societies. They all agree, this is very
valueable information. Thanks again. Dina Bowen-Welsh I'm a
Usal/Sherwood/Wintu native american.

Russell - I just wanted to let you know that John Hedger has been a
God-Send He has already found my mother, brother and
Great-Grandmother's information (Roll#). Thank you so much for adding
his name and number to your site. (Dixie Sizemore)

Hello and Noso-n to visitors to this page. Noso-n can be said "In breath as it is in spirit". This is the Mutsun language and the spirit of all the people who have worked and worked to get the first half of the entire 1928 California Indian Census online and becoming a reality - it is now our breath. Thanks to all of them:

"Time: 2000-04-05 19:03:59 Comments: I am Costanoan. Both my father and grandmother are registered. I tried getting registered. I originally wrote the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I sent them the file number and enrollment number of my father and grandmother. They wrote back two years later and wanted the birth certificates to prove lineage. I sent them this. Two years later they wrote me back and wanted a notarized letter from my father saying he was my father. I basically gave up at this point. Is there another agency to contact that would be easier to deal with or am I stuck with this bureaucratic crap?" Christine Wood (Jones/Gonzales) ccwood@wvi.com

We need our important info accessible - these messages from our visitors are examples of what happens when another nation controls another's community - this is what it means to be Indian dear visitor - ed.

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Liz, Ann Sayers (Costanoan) Susie Griffin, Kathy McClure (Computer Helper), Bonnie Furlong Amara, Nina Corgan, Lucy Sterling, Pat Baker, Bill Roach, Genevieve Luna-Lajeunesse(Ohlone), Cindy Gustin, Dianne M. Treichler, P.E., James Lois Thornton, III (Tolowa), Arleen Robles (Chumash) - Want to Help?, Send us a Photo?

We are beginning to enter the 1933 California Indian Rolls - then visitors will be able to correlate these two databases and more easily get their family information back until 1851.

Using the census:

Clicking a county link in the index will bring up an alphabetically ordered page of the entries for that county ... be forewarned! These pages will ultimately be huge. There are well over a thousand entries in Humboldt county alone and it is not complete at this date 4/19/00 A.D. We format these in text to save bandwidth.

Now, you have found a name:

that you have been looking for:

the BIA number is the key to applying to the BIA or visiting the national archives in San Bruno, CA. for a copy of the actual census interview form if you are a legitimate descendant of the person in the census page. Some of these are extensive...

The intention of this census

was to document California Indians with family alive when the 1851-1852 18 Treaties were signed by the Original Californians.

Many of the people listed in this document had experienced some of the vilest butchery and ethnic cleansing in the history of our species at the hands of journalists, goverment agents, squatters, settlers and miners. (this is not to say that Every white man was evil - Brett Harte was fired in Eureka for questioning the massacre of Wiyot people on Indian Island, U.S. Soldiers protected Indians from mobs and vigilantes) In 1850, they were legislated into becoming California's first homeless people who were denied even the chance to testify in court for any reason against a white man. Many had had mothers, fathers, aunts and siblings shot down by the so-called pioneers and 49ers of California mythology. The United State's intention in the litigation that spawned this census was only to get its own butt out of a sling. In the early 1900's it was discovered that in fact, the Indians still owned California, in American law! Land title in California would have been thrown into disarray, business would have been upset and the [voting, tax paying] population would have been aroused. Beyond the pale! This was [and is] unacceptable to a colonial culture and so the court system concocted a legal way to "clean up" the issue. As usual, the Indians were given the short, short, short, short end of the stick - and $.41 cents an acre for 8.5 million acres of their reservation land which had been stolen.

Our Policy: This information is for the benefit of California Natives, many of whom find it next to impossible to trace lineage and family history. This resource is created by Native people and is intended for our use as indigenous nations who have suffered under Euro-American colonialism and control of community resources. This is not for profit and is made available on a free basis. There will be no adresses, blood quantum or tribal affiliations posted on this site for the 1933 roll - many of these are living people and actually, blood quantums and tribal affiliations are not recorded on our copy of this roll. Thanks to an anonymous guestbook entrant who expressed this concern.

As you know, individual census forms are private until 72 years has passed. Our rolls are actually an index, or listing. If you wish to access an individual's census form, then go to the National Archives in San Bruno, CA and go for it.

We hope this helps you and your family. Niawen (Thanks in my tongue, Kanienka, aka. Mohawk)

Send us a photo of someone you have found in the census lists and we can put it up on the web. The photos should be verified as accurate by the family of the person(s) in the census and have permission of family members. Contact me at the e-mail address above. The DuncanWilburn family has provided us with some photocopies of an old black and white family portrait and these will be placed in the final version of the data here on the web.