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This is a photograph taken at the Mission San Juan Bautista (SJB) Museum. It is a report to the administration of California Missions (1790 era) listing the home villages of the neophytes/inductees/raw materials (Indigenous human population) present at San Juan Bautista at that time...

Calandarruc corresponds to present day Watsonville. Pagsin corresponds to present day Paicines, south of Hollister. Motson/Mutsun of course refers to the principal village of the Mutsun homeland, where San Juan Bautista is now situated. Orestaco lay east of Hollister. Tamanos may refer to Tamien, near present day San Jose. Could Tularena refer to Tualare, in the Central Valley? Many YOKUTS people were taken in by the mission in SJB. Pat Brattland (Table Mountain Rancheria) has material on her ancestors who were thus You can check out or map of Southern Costanoan Territory on our map page... Find other home villages! Go to our 1st javascript panorama/virtual reality resource and see a mountaintop view of some of these village areas. Of course we have a page here on San Juan Bautista, several on Mission Santa Cruz and of special interest, one on the attack by the resistance on that mission.

We are in no way affiliated with San Juan Bautista Historical Park or Church - except as having served as slaves and fodder for missionization efforts and then becoming picturesque parts of the mythology of California nostalgia fans

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listo de San Juan Bautista rancherias