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A blast from the past. When this site was launched in 1995, online video was SO new and rarely seen. Videographer Lois Robin filmed Ann Marie creekside in 1995 and kindly provided me with VHS which I was able to convert to QuickTime. In those days of scarce bandwidth and slow modem conncctions, I had to keep movies small and brief and a videoclip such as this could STILL take 30 to 40 minutes to download over a 28 kbs modem. The work was edited using Avid Videoshop on a Mac Performa.

In a surreal time-jump that restages the historical roots of this site, look across the page to the youTube embedded there - 1995-2009 - 14 years from a tiny 160x120 video file to streaming MP4/FLASH - planning for hologrammic visits by 2015.

Cultural Diversity Committee of the California Speech-Language Hearing Association wants to contact native speakers.

The United States Forest Service is scheduling three Listening Sessions so that California Tribes can be heard with concerns on Forest Lands and respect of cultural sites. Details here...



In 1997, Marilyn Westfall was writing here dissertation and talked with the webmaster - read it here - inspiration is being cited in it.

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In 1997, Russ Imrie interviewed Howard Harris in Hollister. Allan Lundell was there to video it. Howard has since passed on . Howard, his wife Bess, Allan, Sun Marian, Pat Baker and Russ talked for an hour - this is an incredible historical video. Howard was an unimpeachable witness to some true California Indian history as well as an outstanding civic leader, 4H figure and a part of Indian Canyon... we thank him. 2.9 minutes. More from Howard's hour-long interview on the BIA, BLM, Indian Canyon. 9 minutes.


Allan and Sun, in a galaxy far far away and long ago, helped "clear the road" for our early online video work...right now, they surge forward at their site, FUTUREPEAK

Costanoan is what the Spanish called the indigenous peoples who inhabited the coastal areas of California from about Carmel north to the Sacramento Delta/Carquinez Strait for almost 10,000 years. Interior to the Mount Diablo area, south along the Mount Hamilton and Gavilan Ranges, the great Santa Clara Valley, and the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Spanish developed missions at San Juan Bautista, San Carlos (Carmel), Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Clara and San Francisco using the forced labor of the innocent natives. This was to accomplish two goals. First was to spread Christianity as they saw it to the "heathens". Secondly, global competition amongst European empires was heating up and Spain was staking a claim on California before English, Russian, American and French adventurers could do so. This was the first devastating step in the extraordinarily cruel destruction of California Indian culture in Costanoan Ohlone lands by the Spanish and American empires. 

Kanyon Sayers-Roods is developing her own web skills at http://www.indiancanyonlife.org/

April 16, the Healing Pole will be raised.at 12 noon, Pacific Time

Pole Image by Kanyon Sayers, 3-D Screen Capture from Google Earth. Read about 1944 and Healing Pole's close call at Port Chicago.

Photo Gallery

new photo from the Christiansen Fund, visitors from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and San Francisco visit the canyon and some folks who helpes with this.

You are at our regular home page - the Healing Pole special home page edition is here.

At our special homepage you can "be there" via our Tweetcast starting at 6 a.m. on April 16 through when the Healing Pole is installed and welcomed at 12 noon. Twitter account managed by Kanyon Sayers. Healing pole appears as HealingPole and IndianCAN2 also appears from webmaster.






On VIMIO, Ohlone Profiles introduces some video with Ann Marie Sayers, Tony Cerda, and others


Welcome to - www.indiancanyon.org (The Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource)

1928 Special Indian Census - beta version 1492 2.0 updated 3/5/11

special Thanks to Dixie who is getting a whole bunch of these records into our database as I get into the National Archives in DC and get them scanned from the old original typewritten and yellowed pages.

EST, North America

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Indian Canyon Gate SignThanks To Janeen Antoine for the comprehensive links below...

National Pow Wow Calendar http://powwow-power.com/powwows


* new Susan Echaore-McDavid linked Hollister California–The City That Is to us in March 2010

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/04/0422_040422_nativeamericansong.html#main - they have linked to us...Gavilan College (Gilroy CA) students are linked to Indian Canyon - welcome http://hhh.gavilan.cc.ca.us/lhalper/

The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center (Santa Rosa CA) has links to us - welcome http://cimcc.org/

listing/contacts/address California Recognized Tribes



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Indian Canyon and California

Events with Ann Marie Sayers (*)
Janeen Antoine's up-to-date online Native Events calendar
*April 16, the raising of the Healing Pole at Indian Canyon
The 26th Annual California Indian Conference will take place at California State University Chico October 28-29 CONTACTS: Amy Hubberland, Northeast Information Center (530) 898.5438 or the California Indian Conference Site at Chico
Sherri Norris
California Indian Environmental Alliance

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Events and Activities

We have a small (50kb 160x120pixel) MPEG4 movie clip online from 2002.

Amah Ka Tura Dancers

Amah Ka Tura

Dancers AT THE 2004 EVENT

Kanyon paints The Face (and arm) Painter

at Work


Indian Canyon has a fantastic solar photovoltaic system up and running now

Pictures of work in progress - pics from O


UCSF Students and Professors visiting Indian Canyon late in September, 2004. Many, many students and teachers are welcomed to Indian Canyon on a continuing basis going back over a decade. If your class would like to visit the canyon please contact us via our email link at the top of this page. FYI, and to save me from repeating this bit of cultural information again and again... it is traditional for anyone meeting a distinguished or elder Native American to make a small present of tobacco and shaking their hand when meeting them for the first time. - thanks, Russvillages os San Juan Bautistaa 1790 list of San Juan Bautista inductee home villages - 50k .jpg imageMonterey Bay see the Monterey Bay as it appeared the day of First Contact... (JavaScript dynamic panorama)



Many YOKUTS people from the Central Valley were taken into the coastal ( Santa Clara, San Jose, Santa Cruz) missions as local, "raw material" ran out. Pat Brattland (Table Mountain Rancheria) has material on her ancestors who were thus taken.



http://www.modbee.com/local/story/794697.html a Modesto Bee item on Estanislao, a local leader who fought and won battles with Spanish General Vallejo


History and Law Genocide Imperialism Racism Read how the commissioners advising the U.S. Senate on ratification of the 18 Treaties (1852-53) said "hey, this is bad as we can possibly make it for the Indians - we just can't make these treaties any worse..." AMAZING!


The menu [directly] below has links to various and interesting resources. Especially good is the Northern California Events list, run by Harvest McCampbell. You can join this list and receive news just about every day and also post news items if you wish. Scroll 'n "Go" :)

The menu [directly] below has links to our pages on the canyon's lands and stewardship info for all who live on Turtle Island: why we are addicted to oil...

Klamath Tribal Statement on the Catastrophic Salmon Die-off in the Klamath River due to Bush Operative and Interior Dep't head Gail Norton's decision to divert water to irrigation. (thanks to André Cramblit: andre.p.cramblit.86@alum.dartmouth.org Operations Director Northern California Indian Development Council NCIDC (http://www.ncidc.org)


This menu has links to some Non Indian articles/books that have been written about lesser known Native peoples who were part of the Costanoan people

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Bizarre Mythologies - Denial Lives - Weird Pathologies


We have several pages on California Indian Roundhouses.

Shahid has started a web site specifically dedicated to the project of raising the Village House. On the web it can be found at www.indiancanyonvillage.org

Costanoan Territory from 50,000'

MAP G3 NEW - google TOUR of Indian Canyon

3-D Map from Google Earth

Wright Bro swelding healing pole

Gallery about the Healing Pole...


MAP G2 QuickTime fly-through 12 years old in '09 but still cool and fun - computer generated on an old Mac performa when this site was young - 16 hours of rendering at 33 MHz :) 1.8 Mb

MAP G1 - our maps important historical resources3 large maps including Southern Costanoan Tribal Areas, 1840's Spanish Map, San Francisco Peninsula Detail Map Pre-Contact

Our Mission Pages: 1. Dolores, 2. Sonoma, 3. San Jose, 4. Santa Clara, 5. Santa Cruz, 6. San Carlos (Carmel), 7. Soledad, 8. San Juan Bautista, 10. Indian Canyon (our render from USGS Topo map )

The graphic above is a 3-D rendered map of Costanoan Territory - virtually, from 50,0000 feet, filtered with a lens effect.


QuickTime fly-through 12 years old in '09 but still cool and fun - computer generated on an old Mac performa when this site was young - 16 hours of rendering at 33 MHz :) 1.8 Mb

Read an old article about the "Last of the Zayante Indians" (Felton, CA)


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